Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can certainly offer purchase order/invoiced payments. This is available when purchasing an Enterprise licence for 12 months, and must be paid up front. Invoicing is not available for Pro licences or for monthly payments.

No, all our prices are exclusive of VAT, charged at the UK Rate (20%)

Power BI is Microsoft’s dashboard and reporting tool, at . It is generally considered one of the World’s leading business reporting and dashboard platforms.

Power BI Sentinel enhances Power BI, taking an already powerful tool and helping you manage it better. It adds automated backup, documentation, data lineage and change tracking over your Power BI reports.

You would still carry on using Power BI as normal, Sentinel just makes your life easier!

Our Community plan is great for those who want to get started with Power BI Sentinel and see what it can do without any cost. This is available by signing up for an initial free trial of the Professional plan before choosing to drop down to Community after 30 days.

Our Professional plan is more suited for a Power BI professional looking to manage more reports, and provides access to more features including automated backups and monitoring of shared workspaces.

If you’re working in a larger environment however, you’ll need our Enterprise plan which provides support for multiple users, even larger numbers of reports, as well as the powerful data lineage explorer. It provides peace of mind to the data controller and indeed the whole organisation that business critical Power BI reports are backed up, documented, and provides transparency across your whole Power BI estate.

Yes. There is now the opportunity for you to host Power BI Sentinel within your own environment.

Contact us on +44 (0) 845 643 6463 or email us at or via the Contact Us page to book a meeting and demonstration.

You can upgrade at any time by clicking the Upgrade button in your Power BI Sentinel portal.
To downgrade please contact the support desk.



Yes. We welcome you to trial the Professional licence for an initial 30 day period, whereafter you have the option to remove your payment details and move down to the Community plan for as long as you wish, or if you like the application and require further functionality you can choose to upgrade fully to the Pro or Enterprise plans.

Standard Access

To access the normal login portal ( you don't need any special permissions, just a account.

This portal allows you to see anything that you can see in

Admin Access

To get enhanced privileges you need to log into the Admin portal ( This allows you to see other users' personal workspaces, and also to grant yourself permission to view all shared workspaces.

To access this your user account must be a Power BI Administrator, configured in the Office 365 admin portal.

However, before you can do this you need an Office 365 Global Administrator to authorise Sentinel's access. This only needs to be done once, after which any of your Power BI admins can access the Sentinel admin portal.

This is all handled when you first log into the admin portal, where an enhanced set of permissions is requested.

We can bill in USD, GBP, and EUR.

All customers, from Community to Enterprise can expect a professional level of support via email.

Those on the Professional plan can expect a response within 2 working days.

Enterprise customers should get a response within 1 working day.

Payments will be taken on a recurring monthly or yearly cycle, depending how you choose to pay.

Please see our GDPR compliant terms and conditions here.

During the signup process, there is a box to enter a discount code on the billing page.

If you’d like to discuss an affiliate scheme please contact us via the contact page.

We’d love you to stick around. But if you do decide to move on, our cancellation term is either immediately or until your next renewal date from the moment you click the Cancel your subscription button.

Power BI Sentinel is only available in English. But if there is enough demand this could be changed in the future – let us know what you want via the contact page.

We are currently set up to specifically integrate with Microsoft Power BI.

We’re always looking to enhance the product further. Please send any feedback and functionality requests to us via our contact page.